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Fitness Accessories

With fitness accessories, it's simple to teach a fitness class, train private clients one on one, or maintain your own physique. Equipment from Amber Sporting Goods, FitBall, Obersee, and J Fit help you improve strength and fitness. Stock up on a variety of fitness tools, and stay in shape.

Build Muscle Strength
With fitness accessories that build muscle strength, you can focus on building up bulk, maintaining a sleek overall tone, or creating a powerful core. Kettle bells, hand weights, dumbbells, and resistance bands efficiently work your muscles to increase strength quickly, while pull-up and push-up bars let you use your own body weight to create muscle-building resistance.

Improve Cardiovascular Fitness
Boost cardiovascular health with fitness accessories that get your heart pumping, including jump ropes and pedal exercisers, or use ladders and other agility equipment to create an obstacle course that gives you an intense workout while enhancing coordination. Stopwatches and heart-rate monitors let you keep track of your activity, so you can challenge yourself and adapt any workout to improve the results, and you can monitor even more details about your workout using arm bands that accommodate your smart phone. Combine targeted training and whole-body cardiovascular workouts using fitness machines to develop a complete routine that works for you.

Enhance Flexibility and Balance
Balance boards and disks help improve your balance and flexibility while simultaneously boosting core strength, while inversion tables help improve spinal alignment and relieve back pain. Use exercise or stability balls to develop both flexibility and muscle tone across your entire body. Instructional DVDs let you practice stretches and yoga poses at home, and colorful exercise mats that match your fitness accessories make floor exercises even more fun.

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