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Flash Cards

Flash Cards make it simple for students to memorize complex terms or improve their expertise in a particular subject. Stock your shelves with boxed sets of colorful cards from well-known companies that manufacture educational products, such as Brighter Child and Houghton Mifflin.

Improve Existing Knowledge
Many teachers rely on flash cards to help teach students new things, but you can also use these handy cards to help kids improve their current skills. Encourage students to break into groups and study flash cards together shortly before an upcoming test or quiz, or send a package of cards home with students who are struggling with math, reading, or geography.

Develop New Skills
Flash cards make it easy for students to learn new facts, whether you want to help your preschoolers learn their shapes and colors or you need a way to help your high school kids pass a geography course. Some cards come with additional activities that help students master what they are studying, such as games or workbooks. You can also stock up on learning games and puzzles if your students need a little extra help learning a new skill.

Engage Multiple Learning Styles
Flash cards work well for all learning types, whether you have a classroom filled with visual learners or have several students who do better with auditory presentations. Some students may prefer to read the cards silently to themselves, while others may find it helpful to hear you or their peers say the terms out loud as they glance at the pictures. Pass the cards around so that kinesthetic learners can touch them as they gaze at the vibrant pictures and bold text.

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