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Desk Lamps

Lamps and lights for desks come in various styles that are appropriate for specific work applications, office decor and individual preferences. Whether traditional or more modern, many of the lamps now come with energy-efficient LED lighting, which has a longer life span than traditional bulbs and provides ample illumination for desktop work. Staples carries a wide variety of LED desk lamps and lights for sale, and it offers an array of lamps with other traditional and modern illumination options. Its selection of LED desk-lamp deals and more is impressive for the brand names it carries and the styles and designs it offers.

Modern and Traditional Styles

The traditional desk lamp is the banker's lamp with its double-bar brass supports and green shade. Staples offers several of these office desk lamps, many with a slightly more modern take on the traditional design. It also carries traditional and modern versions of swing-arm, gooseneck, piano and lectern lamps. Some of its cool desk lamps include cantilevered, foldable, flip-up and tripod designs, as well as retro and modern versions of torchieres, oil lamps and shaded lamps. Other styles of LED desk lamps and lights for sale include V-lights, book lights, clamp-on lights and strip lights.

Illumination in Various Design Finishes

Staples offers several LED desk-lamp deals and more illumination options, including incandescent and fluorescent lighting in retro and contemporary styles. It also has a huge selection of halogen desk lamps, solar-powered lighting and natural-spectrum illumination. Choosing among each of these illumination options is a matter of individual preference for the ambiance they provide and their operating cost.

All of these cool desk lamps also come in a variety of finishes to match any office decor. Some are available in brushed nickel or steel, brass and chrome plating and polished aluminum. Other incandescent, fluorescent and LED desk lamps and lights for sale come in metallic finishes, such as bronze, copper and satin steel. Traditional colors such as black, white and silver LED desk-lamp deals and more are also available. Several cool desk lamps have a hot-pink or lime-green finish.

Special Features and Brand Names

Many of the best desk lamps offered by Staples are equipped with component accessories. Some have polarizer or magnifying lenses. Other office desk lamps are equipped with three-way or full-range dimmer switches. Several come with USB charging stations, AM-FM radios, plug-in audio speakers or power outlets.

Staples LED desk-lamp deals and more come from the top manufacturers, including Adessor, Studio Designs, Newhouse, Tensor, All the Rages, Victory and Verilux, among many others. You'll find any style in almost any finish and design, both modern and traditional. LED desk lamps and lights for sale by Staples are the most contemporary lines available and are accompanied by other modern and traditional illumination designs.

Keep your office, home, or dorm room well lit and stylish with these desk lamps & lights. They are available in multiple sizes and designs to fit your the decor of your favorite rooms and spaces. You can also choose from a large selection of environmentally friendly and low-energy desk lamp options, including LED desk lamps for sale.

The best LED table lamps for sale may appear to be little more than minor decorative additions, but the right table lamp can increase productivity, improve energy efficiency and complement existing decor to improve overall mood. Peruse Staples' home and office table lamp deals to find the right one for your needs.

Multiple Bulb Options

When selecting from the best LED table lamps for sale, it's important to consider other lamp bulb options as well. While LEDs offer a high level of energy efficiency, their light can often be too defined for illuminating larger areas. Incandescent light bulbs offer comforting, warm, far-reaching light that is well suited for small-business professionals who seek budget-friendly home and office table lamp deals. While they aren't the most energy efficient, these bulbs can offer up to 1,000 hours of use. To give the illusion of a naturally lit office, opt instead for a modern table lamp that has a halogen bulb, which can improve clarity and sharpness. With their longer life and increased energy efficiency, compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) are suitable for busy offices and are becoming increasingly popular for modern table lamps that aim to lower energy consumption.

Stylish Lamp Shades

Shop the wide selection of home and office table lamp deals , which feature a wide range of lampshades to complement any office's existing decor. Bell-shaped ceramic table lamps are traditional and practical for any office, while a simple black swing-arm lamp can transition from office to office. A more ornate bronze or antique gold leaf design introduces sophistication to a larger executive office, and some of the best LED tables lamps for sale feature rounded dome shades.

Decorative Lamp Bases

Find valuable home and office table lamp deals that feature pieces made of bronze, metal and glass. Theyare easy to blend with professional office decor. Many of the best LED table lamps for sale are available in nearly any hue, making them suitable for adding bright pops of color to an otherwise simple or minimalist office. Add feminine flare with a turquoise ceramic table lamp, or keep tradition alive with a rustic bronze version.

Choose from many types of lamps that will fit into your room, including desk lights with a modern look, something classic such as a banker's lamp in brass, or a piano lamp. Most are adjustable so that you can have them as close to or as far from the desk as you want. Many also offer adjustments so that you can get the light just where you need it.

Energy Saving
For those who are environmentally conscious, LED lighting is available in many of the models. Some of them also come with long life light bulbs, so you save on bulb replacement costs.

The desktop lamps are easy to transport wherever you might need to go, and lightweight lamps are available to make the job of placing them where you want them a snap.

Many of the available desktop lamps come with a 1-year warranty against defects for your peace of mind. This can be a real plus point if there is a manufacturing problem with your lamp and you need to get it repaired or have it replaced with a new one.

Staples has the perfect desktop lamp to rest on any student desks & study carrels and they're the perfect accompaniment to our best sit to stand desks. Buy one and start shining today!

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