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Desk Pads

Protect your desk from scratches and crumbs using these desk pads. Large enough to comfortably fit a keyboard and mouse or laptop, these pads feature non-slip backs that keep them from moving around the desk's surface. They're made from durable materials that ensure they can withstand daily use.

Write Like You Mean It
These desk pads provide a firm smooth surface to write upon, which can help minimize hand fatigue and improve the legibility of handwriting. Some pads have self-healing surfaces that eliminate pressure lines so they continue to provide a blemish-free facade for taking notes or writing your novel longhand. Other pads have paper surfaces that provide ample room for jotting down reminders or doodling while talking on the phone.

Keep Away the Germs
The antimicrobial coating on these desk pads help stop germs in their tracks and reduce the risk of transferring illnesses from one person to the next. Additionally, most of these pads can be easily cleaned using either disinfecting wipes or similar solutions to help maintain sanitary conditions in the office. This can help decrease absenteeism by preventing sick employees from infecting healthy ones.

Easily Transfer to a New Desk
The anti-slip backing of these desk pads ensures they remain in place. However, these desk pads can easily be removed from one desk and placed on another, which can save you money by negating the need to repurchase desk pads when you get new office furniture. Some pads are flexible enough that you can roll them up and stash them in your laptop bag or suitcase for use while traveling.

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