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Corrosion Inhibitors

Choose from a large selection of corrosion inhibitors to protect your metals and stop corrosion and rust from causing damage. Lubricants work best to prevent corrosion on moving parts, while galvanizing compounds utilize a hard zinc coating to protect against rust, moisture, salt, and contaminants.

Reliable Protection
Whether you need to protect moving parts, such as gears or bolts, or stationary objects, such as sheet metal or fences, there are a number of proven and durable options available. These corrosion inhibitors are designed to give you long-lasting, effective prevention for all metals against many corrosive environmental factors, such as rust, water, and salt. In galvanizing compounds, the active ingredient for this purpose is zinc or zinc dust, which forms a hard coat on metals and chemically prevents corrosion for enhanced strength and durability.

Multipurpose Preventative
With products specifically designed to act as adhesives or lubricants, and to fight corrosion in mild to severe conditions, this collection of corrosion inhibitors has a solution for everyone. However, corrosion inhibitors work best as a preventative measure; if you have gears, bolts, or other metal parts that have already rusted, there are a number of lubricants and penetrants available, which can crack and weaken existing rust until your parts are free.

Fast Application
Both varieties of corrosion inhibitors are designed to work quickly. Galvanizing products feature an innovative, quick-dry formula for fast, efficient application; all formulas dry to the touch in an hour or less when used according to instructions. Lubricating products require no dry time at all. Both options come in aerosol cans for simple spraying, with low-aerosol, solvent-free, and non-toxic options available.

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