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Foam Boards / Posters

At Staples, we have a large assortment of poster boards and foam boards for presentations, school, science projects, display, and much more. Sky is the limit for your creativity!

Poster Boards- Assorted Colors
With a selection of poster boards in your workplace supply closet, your employees can make signs, annotate presentations, and create art projects for special events. Brands such as Pacon and Geographics offer boards in a variety of useful colors and sizes to meet any personal or commercial need. Thick card stock gives these boards more permanence than paper, avoiding the expense of buying multiple dry-erase whiteboards.

Convenient Color Options
Poster boards are available in basic white or black for traditional uses and in assorted colors for special projects. When you need your message to stand out, choose neon-colored boards, or pick a package of boards with one color on the front and a different color on the back for added flexibility. Keep a supply of permanent markers in a variety of colors on hand so you can mark up your boards as needed.

Premium Surfaces
Many types of poster boards feature premium coated surfaces that are perfect for graphic-art projects. The coating ensures that the ink from permanent markers won't bleed through, so you can make use of both sides of the board. The shine on the surface of a premium board adds pop to ink colors, showing your artistic creation in the best light.

Economical Quantities
Buy a bulk package for the office, so your staff has the right supplies available for projects that might come up without warning. Bulk packages come with single-color boards or a color variety, and the economy pricing helps you save money on your office supplies budget.

Specialty Designs
Pick up specialty poster boards when you need help with a table presentation or art project. Dual-hinged poster board displays are ideal for convention tables and science fairs, while pop-art boards make creating an artistic masterpiece a breeze.

Foam Boards- Lightweight and Multipurpose
Foam boards are excellent tools for making presentations, exhibits, and displays. The thick foam core provides stability and resists denting, while the smooth surface will accept ink from markers, paint, and screen printing. Use the boards as is or cut to the size needed.

When you need to create a sign or display that will last, foam boards by Elmer's or Geographics provide the durability you need. With a thick polystyrene core, these boards resist denting and bending to supply a rigid base for projects. They are great to use for making signs that will be used for long periods of time.

These foam boards are strong enough to resist warping and are lightweight. This lets you easily transport your projects wherever they're needed. The boards can be packed away in a sturdy case, for example, to take with you while traveling.

You can purchase foam boards as big as 40 inches wide by 30 inches tall, which should provide plenty of room for your projects. If the boards are too big, you can easily cut them down to size using an X-ACTO knife. You can also use an assortment of mediums on the board including paint, permanent markers, glue, and even screen printing.

Foam boards are available in several colors including white, blue, yellow, and black. You can choose a hue that works perfectly for your project. Use a neutral white board to make a presentation on sales projections for your business meeting, or use a yellow board as the base for a fun goal-tracking chart for your team.


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