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Kitchen Storage & Organization

Choose ready-to-use plastic storage bags or create your own custom food storage with a vacuum sealer. Rely on all of the brands you trust, including Ziploc and Glad, to keep food safe. The available options and convenient sizes make packing lunches and picnics a breeze.

Storage Bags
Choose from brands you trust, such as Ziploc and Glad. Zipper bags keep stored foods fresh and safe, while storage bags with sliders let you make sure the bag is fully sealed. Buy resealable plastic bags in quart or gallon sizes for your convenience, and choose freezer bags to save food safely without risk of freezer burn or spoilage.

Vacuum Sealers
Countertop vacuum sealers create airtight seals that keep food fresh five times as long as traditional storage methods. Store moist and dry food to prevent waste, have meals ready to cook or reheat when you need them, or plan ahead to prepare a whole month's worth of meals for busy families or college students. Add a quality food dehydrator to your well-equipped kitchen to dry your own fruits, vegetables, and even jerky at home, which you can add to your stored-food options.

Foils and Wraps
Wrap up leftovers and reduce waste with your choice of plastic wraps and foils from trusted name brands; some plastic wrap choices come with slide cutters to protect your fingers from sharp edges. Keep heavy-duty aluminum foil on hand for cooking as well as storage, or always be prepared when you want to reheat pizza in the oven. Buy in bulk for efficient savings and to keep your workplace kitchen fully stocked with all the food storage essentials.

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