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Food Storage & Containers

Prevent your food from drying out with these convenient food storage and containers. They are designed for restaurant use, so you can use them for large quantities. With products that range from aluminum foil to full-size tubs, you'll find an option to accommodate your storage requirements.

Easy Identification
Many of these options for food storage and containers are manufactured from clear or transparent plastic that enables you to identify the contents quickly during a busy lunch or dinner rush. With a clear container, there's no need to lift the lid and expose the food. For liquid or dry ingredients, choose a storage container with pre-printed measuring lines that let you know when to restock.

Safe Storage
Food storage containers are manufactured from food-grade plastics and metal, so you can store food safely. Choose lids that create an airtight seal to keep contaminants out and help your food last longer. Since each container is made from heavy-duty materials, you can stack them safely in a refrigerator or on a restaurant cart. Most containers are safe for use in industrial freezers.

Quick Operation
Restaurants are busy and hectic, and these storage containers can take some of the stress out of food prep. Sturdy lids pop on with minimal pressure, creating a tight seal. For short-term storage, opt for aluminum foil or plastic rolls that stretch over a bowl or pot for a quick seal.

High Capacity
Many of these containers are made with a high storage capacity, so you can go longer between refills. Store menu staples in large boxes or chafers that can hold 5 gallons or more. If you're traveling to an off-site event, opt for a transportation box that holds multiple containers.


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