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A footrest give you the flexibility to comfortably extend or elevate your legs when you're sitting upright at a desk. The perfect footrest can mean the difference between a nice environment and discomfort in your chair. The right one will support your lower body and keep you feeling fresh and spry throughout the day; by repositioning your legs and feet, you can easily relieve stress on other areas of the body. Brands like Fellowes and Safco offer customizable positions, allowing for a range of relaxing setups.

Choose Your Own Position

Set up a comfortable work space with an adjustable footrest, which you can simply reposition to limit pressure on your frame. Depending on the type, you can modify the height or angle of the platform, allowing you to control how much you bend, raise, and straighten your legs, feet, or joints. If you choose a gliding model, you can use your feet to guide the platform into different positions without leaving your office chair.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic footrests are crafted with two major benefits in mind: convenient transitioning and reduced stress on the body's most overworked joints and muscles. Subtle design features, such as inclined platforms, built-in massage balls, and rockers, are made to accommodate common sitting positions and deliver optimal comfort.

High-Quality Materials

Staples offers several footrest models made from sturdy metal or resilient plastic materials, ensuring the durability and lifespan of each product. You'll find additional safeguards on many items, ranging from nonskid surfaces to locking mechanisms that secure your desired position.

Our full selection of footrests has your needs covered, and they work great with stools too. Our selection of additional chair accessories, like chair mats, will make your favorite chair a great place to be.

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