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Shoe Covers

Footwear covers provide a barrier between your shoes and the wet and dirty messes that are often a part of working in places such as warehouses and hospitals. Keep your employees protected by providing elastic shoe covers that they can remove and throw out at the end of the day. Pick a larger size boot cover if your employees regularly wear work boots on the job.

Adjustable Fit
Footwear covers for shoes and boots come in sizes that range from small to extra large. Elastic openings ensure that each size adjusts to fit a range of shoe styles.

Flexible Protection
Made of special materials that create a barrier between your footwear and liquids and particles, footwear covers are soft and flexible but strong enough for the messiest work environment. Wear a pair of disposable gloves for the same level of protection for your hands.

Versatile Options
Footwear covers include options that can also protect your upper and lower legs, such as chaps and leggings. Combine these products with disposable shoe and boot covers for maximum protection.
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