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Place a comfortable futon in your office for relaxed seating. A futon gives you the option of working through the night when a project deadline approaches. It is an ideal choice for a home office that sometimes doubles as a guest room.

Choose a sleek, contemporary futon upholstered in faux leather for your stylish midcentury-modern office, select a futon with a wooden frame that incorporates magazine racks into its arms, or for a more rustic look, choose a futon with a frame made of logs. For extra versatility, go for a microsuede and chrome futon that lets you position the sections of the back as you prefer and even gives you the option of folding up seat sections to form wings. Futon sofas are available in a wide variety of colors with either metal or wooden frames to suit your existing office decor.

Framing Versatility
Select a futon frame when you want to assemble the look of your office seating to your own satisfaction. Simple metal futon frames let you choose your own cushions or mattress, picking out fabric and color of your choice. You can even have custom cushions made to coordinate with other design elements in your office. Depending on your preferences, select from metal frames with and without arms.

Chair Options
If limited floor space is an issue in your office, choose a comfortable armchair that unfolds into a futon bed when needed. For a traditionally styled office, a futon with a stylish wooden frame is the ideal choice. When you want supreme comfort in your office seating, and the versatility of a futon isn't needed, consider a recliner with an ottoman to let you prop your feet up in style.
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