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GPS Cases & Screen Protectors

Ensure your GPS unit is safe on the go with a carrying case that will guard it from damage. A case with a built-in screen protector is a practical way to prevent scratches to the device's screen during use, or choose a case with complete coverage for maximum impact resistance wherever you travel.

A hard shell case offers maximum resiliency and can be used to protect a GPS as well as other devices, such as portable hard drives and MP3 players. Extra features such as soft foam padding and elastic interior straps give you peace of mind and support items of different sizes and shapes.

GPS cases and screen protector bundle sets store not only a GPS unit, but also peripherals like charging cables and mounts or stands. Ideal for when you travel, a large GPS case with pockets or compartments makes it easy to keep track of accessories when packing and during use.

Hands-Free Functionality
If you use a handheld GPS unit for geocaching or hiking, keep it at your fingertips with a case that attaches to a belt or backpack loop. A full-coverage case with a screen protectors won't interfere with your GPS unit's touch screen sensitivity, but it will provide protection from moisture, dirt, and impacts.

Concealing your valuable GPS unit inside a case deters thieves and makes it safer to store inside a car. Choose a case that securely closes with a zipper or snap to make it less likely that it will be opened without your knowledge.

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