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GPS Chargers & Adapters

With these GPS chargers and adapters, you can charge your GPS through a wall outlet, USB port or cigarette lighter, and then connect to other devices with adapters for radios, trackers and data.

Chargers and AC Adapters
Power up your GPS from your home or from the driver's seat by using a charging cable made specifically for the unit that you have. Connect using the cigarette lighter, USB, or wall outlet, and make use of either a regular or rapid charge to ensure that you have all of the power that you need without a wait. Use the GPS while you charge, or have the battery at 100 percent by the time you hit the road.

Battery Packs
Be ready to go at a moment's notice with an extra lithium ion battery, alkaline power source or an external power pack. Keep one set charged at all times while you're getting the other ready to go. Some batteries get their juice by plugging in to a power source, while other powered options work with solar power.

Update your GPS, your GPS-enabled watch, or your GPS tracker with a cable that connects it directly to your computer. Get the latest maps, information, and software by plugging it in, downloading, and disconnecting. Get on your way with all of the navigation information you need right on your dashboard, wrist, or device.

Pet Protection
Cables and chargers help keep the tracking collar for your pet up to date. Make sure you have power and access to the satellite so you know where your four-legged friend is at any time.

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