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Gaming Headsets

With this range of gaming headsets, you can take your game experience to the next level. Whether you want total immersion or to communicate with friends in online sessions, there's a gaming headset that's perfect for the job.

Wide Selection
Whatever you're looking for in your game experience, there's an audio product for you. Stylish earbuds are great for mobile gaming or playing without disturbing anyone nearby, or go for noise-canceling on-ear headphones to ensure total immersion in your game so you won't be disturbed by whatever is going on around you. Wireless and wired options for headsets gives you even more choices for creating the optimal setup.

Online Gaming
For the ultimate interactive experience, a headset that includes a microphone allows you to communicate with friends when playing online games. Whether teaming up or playing against each other, you can exchange information and trash talk using a microphone-enabled headset for your system.

Range of Systems
No matter which system you're gaming on, this collection has got you covered. It includes a range of headsets compatible with personal computers as well as numerous consoles from brands like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Mobile and portable devices can be matched with the right audio equipment too, with products in different jack sizes and specifications.

If you're interested in the aesthetics of your gaming setup, you can make sure your gaming headset matches the rest of your rig and achieves the look you want. Numerous color schemes and design options are available both in headsets and in gaming controller and accessories to keep your system looking sharp. There are bundles that include extra skins for your controller to give you ever more customization.

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