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Clothes Racks & Wardrobes

Garment Racks - Lightweight Clothing Storage - Whether you're organizing a closet or setting up a retail display, these garment racks create convenient hanging space. Each one assembles quickly and offers maximum stability, even in a busy commercial environment. Choose racks from trusted manufacturers such as Whitmor and Econoco.

Portable Designs
Many of these garment racks are designed with portability in mind, making them ideal for frequently changing merchandise in showrooms or for mobile fashion professionals. Put clothing on rolling racks for easy movement around trade or fashion shows. If you travel frequently for work, portable racks that are also collapsible assemble quickly and come apart for easy transportation.

Sturdy Frames
Manufactured from high-strength metal and plastic, these garment racks stand the test of time. The metal cross-bars feature thick walls and high structural integrity, so you don't need to worry about bending. Rolling models are outfitted with heavy-duty casters that move smoothly on carpet and hard surfaces. Look for clothing racks with plastic end caps to keep customers and staff safe in high-traffic areas.

Understated Designs
Each of these garment racks features a simple design that blends into the background and keeps the focus on the clothing. Many models are coated with a high-polish finish that complements your store's professional aesthetic. Each rack is safe for use with traditional clothing hangers.

High Capacity
Whether you're hanging one item or setting up a full display, these garment racks have space to spare. Choose a multi-level rack to increase rail space without taking up additional floor room, or opt for a model with built-in shelves for small-item storage. Alternatively, make the most of your available floor space with clothing racks that expand to accommodate changing loads.

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