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Sponges & Gauze

Keep sponges and gauze on hand for cleaning wounds, providing first-aid bandage care, and keeping wounds from becoming infected. Choose from many sizes of gauze to treat any injury; use gauze for minor compression, debriding, cleaning, and protection. Sterile gauze protects against contamination.

Gauze Pads
Choose latex-free gauze pads in sizes ranging from 2-by-2 inches to 4-by-4 inches for treatment of wounds of various sizes. Folded edges prevent unraveling, making these pads ideal for packing and dressing wounds as well as cleaning wounds and applying antiseptic. Stack the pads to absorb extra fluids, then remove them easily without disturbing the wound itself. This allows wounds to breathe and drain simultaneously.

Gauze Sponges
Non-woven sterile gauze sponges reduce the amount of lint to which the wound is exposed, protecting granulating wound tissue and providing a healing environment. The non-adherent fabric makes it easy to peel away the dressing with no pain, allowing you to change dressings frequently. These latex-free sponges are also extremely cost-efficient, and, combined with an adequate supply of adhesive tape, let you keep your first-aid kit fully stocked for whatever emergency might arise.

Bandage Rolls
Gauze bandage rolls let you use as much or as little as you need, and this dressing conforms easily to awkward wound locations because it offers a significant amount of stretch. Use these bandage rolls as your primary wound dressing, or wrap them securely over already-applied gauze pads to keep the dressing in place. The 100 percent cotton fabric guarantees breathability, quick wicking away of fluids, high absorbency, and extra cushioning when needed.

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