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Computer Mice

For a wide selection of Bluetooth and gaming mice, look no further than Staples. It carries all of the top-brand computer mice for sale. Find mice with ergonomically designed shapes for a comfortable hold, optical-controlled movement for smooth tracking and wireless capabilities for freedom of movement. Staples has all of the best gaming mice on the market for impressive performance and enhanced game play.

Wireless Convenience
Wireless mice offer freedom of movement, and they're excellent for both home and office use. Purchase computer mice for sale for use with laptops for a quick and easy on-the-go setup or with desktop computers to avoid tangled wires. Many of the best gaming mice boast wireless capabilities and connect to devices with a small USB port connector.

Smooth, Lag-Free Control
Bluetooth and gaming mice feature two types of operation--optical and trackball. When looking at computer mice for sale, note which type works best for your setup. Optical mice use light to detect movement and move the cursor on the screen. They work on almost any surface, even without a mouse pad. Trackball mice feature a small ball inside that physically moves when users move the mice on the desk. The optical mouse often requires less cleaning and maintenance to consistently deliver a smooth performance.

Comfortable Hold
Many Bluetooth and gaming mice feature a unique ergonomic construction designed to make them more comfortable to hold for longer periods of time. Devices with these features work for users in both home and professional environments, offering extra hand support for those who spend hours working at the computer.

Long-Lasting Battery Life
When looking at wireless computer mice for sale, battery life is an important feature to consider. The longer the battery life, the fewer times users need to change out the batteries for continued optimum performance. Features like on/off switches and sleep modes preserve battery life. Many Bluetooth and gaming mice can work off a single set of batteries for up to a full year.
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