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Inspection Mirrors & Magnifiers

Inspection mirrors and magnifiers give you handy visual access to places that you can't otherwise see, including the inside of engines or electronic devices. Manufactured by companies such as Ullman and General Tools, these visual gadgets are a handy addition to your toolkit. Inspection mirrors and magnifiers are useful for assemblers, mechanics, and inspectors.

Easy to Transport
Pocket inspection mirrors and magnifiers include clips that let you attach them to your pocket so that you won't lose them. Choose one with a telescoping head to get more reach in tight spaces.

Comfortable to Hold
A cushioned grip makes hand-held inspection mirrors and magnifiers comfortable to hold throughout the day. A swiveling head means you can adjust the mirror to point exactly where you want it.

Attach Anywhere
Models with a magnetic base give you the ability to hook the mirror to any metal surface, so you can work hands free. This allows you to dedicate both hands to other tools from your tool set.
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