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Plumb Bobs

Plumb-bobs make it a breeze to establish vertical lines for your important construction projects. Round and conical plumb-bobs come in different weights, so you can pick the one that is heavy enough to do the job. These bobs tie easily to any length of string or line.

Heavy-Duty Construction
Plumb-bobs are made of heavy-duty materials, such as steel and brass, so the bob will last for years. Lacquered finishes ensure these plumb-bobs resist corrosion.

Versatile Options
With selections weighing from eight to twenty ounces, you can find a plumb-bob for your specific job. Keep a variety of plumb-bobs in your tool kit to make sure you have the weighted guide you need to check the vertical lines of any project.

Simple Guidance
Plumb-bobs are the simplest way to check the vertical integrity of any project. A bob and a length of string is all you need to ensure accurate construction.
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