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Liquid Bandages

Liquid bandages come in a spray-on form or a version that you apply to the skin, which makes the liquid easier to apply in hard-to-reach or difficult areas. Use the liquid on elbows, knees, and other flexible areas that cannot support a traditional dressing or bandage.

Longer Lasting
Spend less time caring for injuries and replacing traditional bandages when you opt for liquid bandages. One application can last for up to 10 days. Once the liquid wears off, you can apply another coat of the protective bandage if the wound needs more time to heal.

Protects Against Moisture
Liquid bandages protect the wound against moisture that might make the injury worse or lead to infection. You can shower or bathe with a liquid bandage on your skin without worrying that the liquid removes it. The covering also protects against germs and bacteria in the same way that an adhesive bandage does.

Prevent Scarring
Reduce the risk that an injury or wound might leave behind a scar when you use a liquid bandage. Cleaning the wound with wound cleanser helps remove any of the bacteria that could make the wound worse and lead to scarring. After drying the skin, you can apply the liquid bandage right to the damaged skin.

For All Areas
Liquid bandages often contain an ingredient that reduces pain, which makes the product safe for use on all parts of the body. Use the spray or liquid on elbows and other joints that bend and flex throughout the day or on other areas where a typical bandage doesn't work.

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