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Get relief from digestive health issues such as gas, bloating, and constipation by using probiotics. These supplements increase the amount of beneficial microflora and bacterium in the gastrointestinal tract while also boosting fiber intake. The result is improved bowel regularity and better health.

Available in a Multitude of Supplement Forms
The probiotics are available in capsule, tablet, powder, gummy chew, and health bar forms, providing you with a variety of ways to consume the supplement. Take a tablet in the morning with breakfast, or eat a delicious health bar for a much-needed energy boost in the afternoon. The diverse array of supplement types makes it easy to integrate them into your daily routine, improving your ability to comply with dosage recommendations.

A Formula for Every Need
Select the probiotics that fit your particular needs. Some of these supplements focus on alleviating specific problems such as constipation and gas, while others are designed to improve overall digestive health. You can also find supplements that address non-digestive issues, such as those relating to heart and joint health and cholesterol levels, so you can augment your or your clients' wellness programs where needed.

Add Another Source of Income
Some of these probiotics are packaged for redistribution, allowing fitness centers, healthcare facilities, and similar types of companies to add another source of income to their businesses. Provide customers with a convenient way to purchase digestive health products while improving your bottom line. Add medication aids such as pill boxes or pill crushers to help clients remember to take the supplement as instructed or make the pills or capsules easier to take.

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