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Testing Kits

With testing kits, you can test your patient's blood, urine, or other sample to determine what's going on. Often, one test isn't enough. With multipack sets of test strips for pregnancy and blood tests, you can take and verify the accuracy of your tests multiple times.

Accurate Tests
When you're testing a patient for pregnancy or infections, you need to make sure the test is accurate. One-step tests make it easier to know that no mistakes were made when completing the test. Dip sticks simply get dipped into urine or blood for a quick test, while slides can be later monitored under a microscope. If pregnancy or an infection is inspected, an OB/GYN examination kit can help you see what the problem really is.

Easy to Read
With easy, color-coded readings, you can see if your patient has a serious infection or other problem. Other tests have digital readings or lines to show if pregnancy or infection are responsible for your patient's ailment. For slides, simply put your test under a microscope to find out if bacteria or viruses are in your patient's bloodstream.

Retest With Multipacks
Many medial tests come in packs of 25 or more, so if you get an odd reading, you don't have to send the initial reading to the lab. Test again to verify your results in the office; just use another test out of your pack. When you have many testing kits available, you don't need to wait or worry about the cost of a single test; use them as often as necessary to verify your patient's medical condition.

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