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Gifts & Accessories

Show your appreciation to the people you care about using these gift and accessories. The handheld baskets can be given as is or used to create custom gifts, while the educational toys help kids learn in fun ways. Made from durable materials, these gift and accessories provide years of joy.

Appropriate for All Occasions
Whether you're looking to treat yourself or want to show appreciation to a valued employees, coworkers, friends and family members, these gifts and accessories fit the bill. The JanetBasket handheld baskets are available in a few fashionable designs, including gray and animal print, that appeal to a wide variety of tastes. The kids' toys are great to give as birthday or holidays gifts or as prizes for raffles and similar contests.

The handheld baskets have large open interiors, providing plenty of space for you to fill with items the recipient will enjoy using. Load the basket with candy, microwave popcorn, drinks, and DVDs for the movie buff in your life, or create a unique wedding basket complete with a variety of gift cards for a soon-to-be-married couple. You're only limited by your imagination and creativity when turning these gifts and accessories into beloved keepsakes.

Versatile and Environmentally Friendly
The baskets can be used as decorative items or carrying cases. Fill with towels or toilet paper and place in the bathroom for guests. Take the basket on shopping trips to cut down on plastic and paper bag waste. The arms on the baskets fold down, allowing for easy storage in a desk drawer or office cabinet.


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