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Oil Drain Pans, Measuring Cans & Funnels

Oil drain pans, measuring cans, and funnels make changing oil a snap. Replacing the oil in your vehicle or your company's fleet is an important part of auto maintenance. Whether you're changing your own oil at your home office or work as a mechanic, these tools are an essential part of the job.

Keep Your Engine Clean
Dirty oil clogs filters and can reduce engine performance. Oil replacement tools make it easier to remove dirty oil.

Maintain Fuel Economy
Dirty oil can cut down on fuel economy, as well. Changing oil is only part of the solution. Another item that can help ensure you get the most bang for your buck with gasoline mileage is a tire gauge.

Pass Emissions Tests
Attempting to pass emissions tests with clogged filters or intakes can result in an automatic failure. Use pans, cans, and funnels to replace dirty oil with clean product before emissions testing.
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