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Straps & Bungee Cords

Take the pain out of moving with straps and bungee cords. Each one is designed to secure boxes or large items, preventing them from moving or breaking during transit. Selects straps in the right length and strength from trusted brands, such as Buffalo Tools, Ready America, and Keeper.

Secure Hold
Straps and bungee cords come in varying break strengths to suit different loads. Increase the safety of heavy items, including pianos and sofas, with straps designed to hold loads of up to 20,000 pounds. Each model features end-mounted hooks that loop around the lip of a pallet, truck bed, or vehicle to create a tight hold. If you need extra security, straps with built-in ratchet mechanisms enable greater tension control with minimal force.

Custom Fit
Many straps and bungee cords are manufactured with built-in elastic or rubber that stretches gently to accommodate an item, making for easier loading. The soft-sided cords wrap over corners and contours, making them an ideal option for irregular pieces of furniture. For businesses with varying moving requirements, choose versatile straps that adjust to fit items of all sizes, from packing boxes to large sofas.

Protective Designs
Keep your furniture finishes safe with straps and bungee cords designed to prevent marks and dents. Solid rubber straps and rounded bungee cords roll gently over the surface of an item, while fabric-covered straps provide greater surface contact and reduce the sliding that can lead to scratches. For additional protection, use stretch wrap and strapping supplies to cover your item before tying it down with straps.

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