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Graphing Calculators

Graphing calculators help students speed through basic math problems and have the advanced features needed to take on complex calculations. Built-in screens turn equations into charts and graphs that enhance understanding, and many models have unique features that add depth to the teaching process. Staples carries a broad range of office supplies and calculators, including brands such as Texas Instruments, Casio and HP.

A Graphing Calculator Is a Versatile Math and Science Tool
These products have dozens of built-in functions that handle calculations used in subjects such as algebra and geometry, statistics and business math as well as advanced math courses like calculus and linear algebra. Many models also connect to data collection devices that capture real-world data in the lab and turn the information into easy-to-read graphs that highlight patterns and anomalies. They're an excellent option for biology, chemistry or physics students.

Most graphing calculators are also programmable. Users can access dozens of apps that demonstrate scientific or mathematical principles in the classroom or create custom solutions to unique problems. Mac and PC software simplifies application development and management and, in some cases, keeps your calculator's operating system up to date.

Graphing Calculators Are Exceptional Teaching Tools
Many calculators have features designed specifically for the classroom and handle both high school and college-level calculations. Educational activities built around calculator capabilities give educators the tools they need to create effective lesson plans. Students can also use their calculators on standardized tests, reducing test-day anxiety. Many models are approved for use on PSAT, SAT and ACT entrance exams as well as AP and IB tests.

What Kind of Displays Do Graphing Calculators Have?
Many calculators have black-and-white LCD screens that are easy to read, but some have additional display features. Models with color screens show multiple data sets clearly, and select products have touchscreens that simplify graph and chart creation. Products with contrast controls let users adjust the screen brightness to match current lighting conditions.

Which Classes Benefit From Graphing Calculators?
Scientific calculators offer visual teaching tools benefit students in a broad range of STEM courses, beginning in grade school. Algebra, statistics, calculus, geometry and business math classes and physics, biology and chemistry courses use lesson plans that leverage calculator features in the classroom, making them an invaluable learning aid. The educational benefits of graphing calculators don't end in high school. Many of these products offer advanced functionality that meets college coursework needs too.

How Does a Graphing Calculator Enhance Learning?
While these calculators do handle basic mathematical calculations, that's not their primary benefit in the classroom. Linking equations and data sets to visual representations creates a deeper understanding of the underlying math and science concepts. Turning formulas into graphs and charts is an active process that encourages student participation in the learning process.

Combining programmable processors and displays that show complex mathematical relationships as graphs and charts, these products are invaluable accessories for grade school and college students studying STEM subjects and for educators. Explore the graphing calculators available at Staples and see how these versatile tools can enhance the learning process.
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