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Grinders are used with abrasives and wire wheels to smooth, cut, and clean hard, tough materials, such as concrete, metal, and ceramic. You can use a hand-held grinder to cut tile or stone and prepare metal and masonry surfaces for finishing. A bench grinder is the tool of choice for sharpening drill bits, screwdrivers, and knives.

Convenient and Versatile
Hand-held grinders are portable, so you can use them anywhere, and they feature comfortable handles to increase maneuverability and control. Choose an angle grinder from top manufacturers like DeWalt and Skil for working with larger surfaces or pieces of building material, and a die grinder for smaller, precision jobs that require a smaller abrasive wheel.

Sturdy and Dependable
Bench grinders handle the routine tasks you need to carry out to keep your tools and instruments in proper condition. With a wire wheel, a bench grinder can strip away rust on a neglected chisel or file, so you can get right back on the job.

The Right Wheels
Staples carries a selection of grinding wheels and wire brush wheels for the typical jobs you do with grinders. You can also use your grinder with coated disc abrasives.
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