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Grooming & Dressing Aids

Increase independence with grooming and dressing aids. These aids can help your residents tie shoes, button shirts, dress wounds, and clean their bodies. Grooming and dressing aids provide assistance whether they are living with a disability or have decreased motor functions or mobility.

Dressing Assistance
Choose dressing aids to assist residents in the daily task of dressing themselves, whether they are living with arthritis or other dexterity or mobility issues. Simple and easy to use, tools include dressing sticks to pull on and push off clothing and button aids to fasten formal shirts and jackets. Choose from a selection of shoelaces designed to save time and effort, including coiled laces that convert shoes into slip-ons.

Bathroom Hygiene Assistance
Self-wiping aids for post-toilet cleaning help people with physical disabilities and mobility challenges. An angled and rotating handle provides easy access to hard-to-reach areas, and a release button makes it simple to discard hygienic tissue. The smooth, rounded design offers superior comfort.

Washing and Grooming Assistance
Select aids to assist in personal grooming and washing and help avoid the need for human assistance. Long-handled bath sponges provide access to all parts of the body during bathing, and specially designed nail clippers are easy on brittle nails and cuticles. Complement these tools with other bathroom tools and hardware that increase independence, such as paper towel holders and shower grab bars.

Coordination and Memory Assistance
Ideal for people with Alzheimer's or other cognitive issues, these tools can help keep the mind and body sharp. Bolt boards, with bolts, washers, and nuts of varying sizes develop fine motor skills and shape recognition. Task-related boards, such as dressing therapy boards, provide repetitive practice of daily activities for those with dexterity or memory-related issues.

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