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Shower Chairs / Benches

Choose from a wide variety of shower chairs and benches that allow patients to easily bathe while preventing slips and falls. These shower accessories offer rubber feet and aluminum legs to make bathing safe and comfortable.

Stable in Water
Most rigid shower chairs and benches come with suction-style feet that grip firmly to the shower or bathtub floor, reducing movement and slippage. Choose options that have holes in the seat to let water flow through the chair, allowing soapy water to drain away. Consider selecting shower chairs and benches that also offer curved aluminum legs and handles so users feel safe while in the water. When used in a bathtub, the outward curve of these legs braces the chair against the bathtub for increased stability. A wall-mounted shower chair adds exceptional rigidity while allowing you to fold it up when it's not in use.

Many shower chairs and benches have handles so you can easily place them in the desired position in the shower. Choose a chair with a removable backrest or removable armrests to increase the user's range of movement around the shower or bathtub. Equip your facilities with a handheld showerhead spray to bring the water to the user to prevent the need to move the bench or chair.

Extra Support
Professionally-designed shower chairs and benches are made with heavy-duty materials to provide sturdy support. Choose shower chairs with a backrest to relieve back stress so the user can feel comfortable while bathing. These shower-safety accessories often come with armrests for increased comfort and are molded with slightly curved seats to allow the user to sit for a longer period of time.

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