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Clasp & Catalog Envelopes

The huge selection of large catalog envelopes allows you to select the best envelope to safely mail your material. Choose the convenience and security of various types of closures. Enhance your professional look by picking the right color for the occasion.


Make sure your mailings are secure by choosing from various security features. To keep your material securely in its place, envelopes with heavily gummed seals and clasps for added safety are ideal. Choose tinted envelopes for added privacy of highly sensitive material. To protect your documents against moisture, pick a classic white envelope treated with an antimicrobial agent to prevent the growth of fungus, mildew, and odors. No-tear envelopes and envelopes with reinforced seams ensure your materials arrive at their destinations in exactly the same condition you sent them.?


For large mailings, such as catalogs or announcements, the convenience of self-sealing albums printed with green diamonds that instantly identify the mailing as first-class is unbeatable. For larger mailings, choose the expanding catalog envelopes in a variety of sizes. The extra heavyweight stock protects your material from rough handling and extreme conditions. For additional convenience, be sure to select the perfect type of mailing label so you can quickly print out mailing lists and get dated material out to the desired destinations in a timely manner.

Professional Look

Classic white envelopes provide a clean, professional appearance for your more formal needs, but if you belong in an industry where color is more suited to the content of your mailings, the large variety of colored envelopes perfectly sync your message and content with the envelope it is delivered in.

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