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Hand Lotions

Store hand lotions at your business for skin renewal throughout the day. Whether your skin is frequently in contact with water or sensitive to temperature changes, high-quality hand lotions can reduce dryness and cracking. Staples offers small pocket-sized bottles for travel and personal use or larger pump bottles you can share with the whole office.

Repair Dry Skin
Continual discomfort from dry, itchy skin can lower your productivity at work. Equip your office with lotion made from powerful hydrating ingredients, which you can quickly apply at any time. Storing lotions and hand sanitizers in your bathroom is an effective way to ensure employees and clients leave with clean, moisturized hands.

Accommodate Different Skin Types
Choose hand lotions that suit your skin type or that can be safely used by public groups of people. You might prefer lotions made from natural ingredients for yourself or your employees. Fragrance-free, nonallergenic lotions from brands like Aveeno and Lubriderm are perfect for your business bathroom because they won't irritate visitors with sensitive skin.

Easy to Dispense
Whether you choose bottles with pumps or caps, lotion is released in controlled portions to prevent overuse. You can dispense more lotion when you need to and avoid disposing of excess lotion when small amounts are just enough.
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