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Hand Sanitizer & Wipes

Hand sanitizer and wipes are easy-to-use safeguards against diseases that provide you with the benefits of moisturizing ingredients. Extremely portable, these products also help you stay healthy.

Made with hydrating ingredients, such as aloe and vitamin E, hand sanitizers and wipes keep your skin refreshed even when the product is used frequently. Nourishing ingredients protect hard-working hands from harsh elements, including dry air. With these sanitizing products, you can avoid having to wash your hands in cold water, which dries out your skin. Consistently moisturizing and protecting your skin against bacteria lowers your risk of developing cracked or broken skin.

Germ Protection
Hand sanitizers and wipes offer protection against common germs and bacteria. Many are formulated with alcohol to significantly reduce the amount of harmful bacteria on the skin. Use individually wrapped sanitizer wipes to maintain sterility and prevent cross-contamination. Use disinfectant wipes for surfaces like exam room cabinets and scales for comprehensive germ protection.

Choose heavy-duty wipes for removing tough grime like oil and mud; sterile saline wipes can be used for gentle cleansing. Use hand sanitizers in place of hand soap to reduce water and paper towel usage while ensuring that your hands are clean.

Hand sanitizers and wipes come in a variety of containers so you can easily take them on the go. Choose sanitizing wipes that come in soft-pack containers that you can stack in bulk for offices and desk drawers. Hand sanitizers that come in personal-size bottles with tight-fitting lids are economical and suitable for offices, cars, backpacks, and purses.

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