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Hanging File Folders

Organize your office with these hanging file folders, which come in a variety of weights and styles. Whether you're storing personal documents or client files, you can find a solution that fits into your existing file cabinets. Choose from brands such as Pendaflex and Smead.

Sturdy Materials
Most hanging file folders are manufactured from thick, sturdy card stock that holds up well under heavy loads. Reinforced gussets and edges help keep the folders intact during long periods of heavy use. When you need to file full reports, magazines, or full-size photos, opt for folders with reinforcing bars that distribute weight and reduce stress points.

Quick Installation
Each of these hanging file folders comes with convenient hanging hooks that drop onto the side bars on a standard file cabinet drawer. The hooks suspend the folders above the drawer bottom, removing the stress from the spine and preventing documents from bending. Once installed, the folders can slide back and forth along the bars or lift out quickly.

Easy Organization
Choose brightly colored hanging folders to create a high-visibility organizational system that enables you to identify specific topics or file types at a glance. Separate related documents in a single folder with built-in or removable dividers. Some hanging folders feature accordion-style designs for easy expansion. Use letter-size folders to keep track small items without the need to search through deep pockets.

Environmentally Friendly
Maintain your company's sustainability policy by selecting hanging file folders made from recycled materials. Some varieties are made with 100 percent recycled consumer content, so you can purchase with total peace of mind.

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