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Hanging File Folders

A tidy, organized workspace makes a good impression and helps to improve productivity.

Hanging file folders make it easy to keep documents organized and off the top of a desk. Staples has a wide assortment of hanging file pockets and folders designed to meet a variety of needs.

Hanging File Folder Systems Offer Convenient Storage

When choosing a file storage system, the available space, ease of access and organizational options are all important factors. Hanging file sorters provide a lot of storage in a compact space.

The horizontal alignment of folders makes them easy to locate at a glance, and files can be organized in a number of ways.

Tabbed file holders can be arranged alphabetically or by order of importance. Colored holders can be used to sort files by category.

What's the Best Type of Hanging File Folder System?

In-drawer hanging file organizers are simple to insert and ideal for keeping sensitive documents tucked away. Standing rack-style organizers provide multiple users immediate access to documents.

Portable rolling carts make light work of file delivery. Desk top stands keep important paperwork close at hand for quick reference.

What Kinds of Hanging File Folders Can Be Used With Other Systems?

Folders and pockets designed for hanging systems feature hooked ends, which sit atop the system's bars. This simple yet effective design allows folders to move smoothly along the bars for easy sorting.

Hanging file folders can be removed and replaced with no effort. These folders typically have three open edges and a spine. Top-tab folder varieties have an extended tab for labels on the long edge, opposite the spine.

This allows the file names to be viewed easily from above.

Hanging file pockets often have three closed edges and are expandable, allowing them to hold multiple manila folders. File pockets make it simple to organize folders by type or category.

They're designed for durability, and some provide closures for easy transport.

What Features Are Important When Choosing Hanging File Folders?

When choosing folders for office filing, quality should be a priority. The thickness of the material is rated by its point (pt.) stock. Standard folders are 11 pt. stock, while 13 pt. stock provides a stronger, more durable product. Folders with reinforced spines, edges and tabs have a longer lifespan.

The hooked ends should be made of durable materials such as metal or hard plastic. Expandable folders generally use an accordion design, while "extra capacity" folders simply have a wider spine.

Other features apply to specific needs. Health clinics and schools should consider antimicrobial folders to prevent the spread of germs. Some offices need to keep individual folders for each client, and these folders may be passed around multiple times.

File folders with internal fasteners keep paperwork in place and prevent the loss of important information. Environmentally conscious companies can find eco-friendly options, such as folders made of recycled and eco-certified materials.

Some top-tab folders offer transparent plastic sleeves for labels, allowing them to be relabeled multiple times to reduce waste.
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