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A tasty treat after a meal or as a late-night snack,candyis a popular item anyone can appreciate. From chocolate bars to gummy worms, licorice and mints, there is an expansive selection of sweet treats in stock at Staples. Choose from office candy assortments or stock your home with classic confections from companies like Lindt, Hershey's, HARIBO and Jelly Belly.

Chocolate Candy Classics Everyone Enjoys
A favorite of many, chocolate candy comes in several delicious variations like mint patties, milk chocolate nuggets, peanut clusters and more. Caramel-filled squares are a rich and creamy delight that goes well with a cup of coffee. For a quick fix of chocolate goodness, candy kisses and colorful chocolate discs can be devoured by the handful.

Those seeking a more sophisticated treat may enjoy bittersweet dark chocolate bites, white chocolate truffles and caffeinated chocolate bars. Sure to be a crowd-pleaser, bowls filled with mini candy bars, peanut butter cups and taffy can provide a productive burst of energy during long meetings or group gatherings.

Kids Young and Old Love Gummy Bears and Jelly Beans
With their chewy texture and fruity flavor, kids and grown-ups alike enjoy gummy treats. Loaded with juicy flavors like cherry, lemon, pineapple and orange that come in a variety of fun shapes, these candies are a terrific dessert item for lunchboxes or can be stashed in an office desk for a mid-afternoon snack.

Jelly beans are another tasty option that comes in a wide range of flavors like buttered popcorn, peach, chocolate pudding and marshmallow, making them a delicious indulgence while watching movies or studying. Gummy candies and jelly beans are both fat-free as well, so they can be enjoyed in moderation as part of a well-balanced diet.

Hard Candies and Lollipops are the Perfect On-the-Go Treats
Pre-wrapped hard candies and lollipops are ideal for eating on the go. Travelers and parents can keep several tucked away in a purse, tote bag or backpack for anytime consumption. Commonly served at restaurants in mouth-watering flavors like watermelon, grape, butterscotch and root beer, every candy makes a wonderful after-dinner treat. Starlight mints are a must-have after a spicy meal and work well as a quick breath freshener in a busy workplace. Some are available in sugar-free versions that are safe for diabetics and those watching their sugar intake.

Allergen-Free Office Candy Selections
For individuals with dietary restrictions, several candy products are gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free. While it's always wise to inspect packaging carefully before making a purchase, parents and teachers delight in the many classroom-friendly candy selections. Many licorice and gummy products, jelly beans, chocolate chews and hard candies contain no gluten or peanuts and are manufactured on dedicated equipment, ensuring there's no risk of cross-contamination of potentially harmful allergens. Most fruit chews, lollipops and taffy are safe dairy-free choices. Businesses and restaurants may find stocking up on these allergen-free treats a smart investment for pleasing a broad group of customers.

Available in a variety of bulk pack sizes, flavors and styles, some of the most popular brands of candy products are a smart choice at home or the office.
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