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Candy, Gums & Mints

Treat Your Employees or Coworkers - Candy, gums, and mints are a great way to show your appreciation to everyone around you, and they're also ideal as a treat. Choose from kosher varieties or from everyday items. You can even find vegan versions that contain no animal products along with sugar-free ones that are ideal for diabetics.

Announce a Celebration
Everyone likes a throwback to their youth, and candy, gums, and mints certainly provide that. A celebration of a great job or a major contract doesn't have to involve wine or beer; simply get a large bowl of candy and encourage everyone to take a load. For maximum fun, you could even get a pi?ata and stuff it with a huge variety of items.

Keep Clients Happy
Nobody likes waiting much, but waits are so much more bearable when there's something to snack on. Tasty treats, especially when individually wrapped, are ideal for this, and they seem to make time go faster. Even the highest-level executive or major investor will be mollified slightly if made to wait due to an overrun when able to indulge in these small but effective treats. Put them in a large bowl in your waiting area, but make sure there's a trash can around for the wrappers.

Treat Little Ones
Nothing says ""you've been great"" to kids like a small treat. Store them in your cupboard for special occasions when someone's done something seriously fantastic. Many of these are ideal for day cares and education institutions, and pediatricians and dentists can calm down even the most fractious child with a well-timed sucker or candy.


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