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Hard Drive Enclosures

Be productive even when you're out of the office by keeping your files safe with these hard drive enclosures. Choose a slim enclosure for mobility, or opt for a larger version for a more powerful performance. You can easily find the perfect storage solution you need with this broad selection.

Durable Construction
Made from a wide range of premium quality materials that include aluminum and stainless steel, these enclosures are especially built to withstand normal wear and tear. Choose a hard drive case made of molded EVA foam for personal or office use. For industrial usage, install a wall-mount frame cabinet that is crafted of heavy-duty steel. Pick out an enclosure that is dust, moisture, and shockproof to ensure that your files are protected despite rugged conditions.

Select a sleek and compact external enclosure for your hard drive so you can do your work anytime and anywhere. A variety of models feature slim forms and lightweight designs, letting you easily pick one that fits in your backpack, laptop bag, purse, or even in your pocket. Ideal for the travelling executive, these portable enclosures are a secure and practical way to bring work along with you.

Fast and Secure Performance
These hard drive enclosures are equipped with a variety of interface ports that allow for fast transfer speeds, so copying and reading files becomes more practical. The plug-and-play interface provides convenience because you simply plug in the enclosure to any computer without the need for installation. Finding one that is compatible with your device and suits your needs is easy with this broad selection of hard drive enclosures.

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APC® AR3104 NetShelter SX Deep Enclosure
Item: IM1T23920 / Model : AR3104
  • Dimensions 1198 mm(H) x 600 mm(W) x 1070 mm(L)
  • Weight capacity Up to 1363.64 kg static, 1022.73 kg dynamic
  • Material gauge 16 gauge vertical post, 16 gauge front door, 18 gauge rear door, 18 gauge roof, 14 gauge EIA mounting rails, 18 gauge side panels
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