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Hard Hats & Caps

Hard hats and caps are a great way to protect your team while on the job site. Perfect for construction sites, these plastic hats come in several sizes and styles, so you can find the exact type for your needs. Strap one on and feel secure as you walk around in a hard hat area.

Great for Industrial Areas
When you're touring a job site with extreme temperatures, check out some of the Skullgard protective hard hats and caps. Created by companies like MSA, these are great for protecting yourself from falling objects or changes in temperature.

Pick a Style for Your Needs
From V-Gard slotted hard hats and caps to safety helmets with a thermoplastic brim, it's easy to match your hat to your needs. You can even choose the color or style to fit with your company uniform.

Protect Yourself
Hard hats and caps protect you and your team from any accidents. Whether you're working with shovels or jackhammers, these caps will give you the confidence you need to finish the job safely.
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