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Harnesses are essential safety gear for keeping workers from falling when working at elevated heights. Harnesses wrap around the back, lower body, or the full hip and torso area to provide support and help prevent dangerous slips or falls.

Provide Ample Support
Most harnesses wrap around either the torso or lower body to provide ample support for crucial parts of the body in a fall. These harnesses feature straps that slip between joints for extra support in case a worker falls any distance. This support can be crucial when other safety gear or procedures activate to stop the fall, preventing injuries caused by the sudden stop.

Limit Fall Distances
Modern harnesses work with other components of anti-fall kits to help limit the distance a worker plummets when a slip or fall does occur. These versatile tools feature multiple connection points and clasps or rings that allow them to snap onto pegs or hooks on surfaces or climbing gear. For even greater protection, turn to fall-limiting lanyards designed specifically to work with modern harnesses to reduce or eliminate injury.

Ensure Secure Hold
Harnesses must hold securely when a fall does occur. Many are made of sturdy nylon or mixed ripcord material that allow them to hold exceptionally heavy weights. Harnesses with greater listed capacities can provide greater support during a longer fall or for larger individuals.

Deliver Snug Fit
Many harnesses come with adjustable straps that make it easy to find the perfect fit for each user. A customized fit further limits the possibility of harm during a quick stop or other emergency procedure. Each harness used should fit as snugly as possible to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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