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Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid batteries make it possible to charge your hearing aids, so you can hear conversations, music, and more. Hearing aids come in many sizes. Choose between batteries that are the size of watch batteries, or opt for those smaller than your fingernail.

Long-Lasting Batteries
Hearing aid batteries need to last, or you're left without the ability to hear when you need it most. With low-drain batteries, you can expect them to last three days or longer, depending on how you use your hearing aids. If you're still worried about how long your battery lasts, opt to buy a multipack so you always have extras on hand.

Easy to Replace
Replacing your button batteries can be a struggle due to their small size; with helpful additions, such as plastic tabs, you have more control over the battery as you place it into your hearing aid, making the job simple. If you like multipacks but worry about losing batteries, opt for batteries that come in a circular "spinner" pack, which spins to release only one battery at a time. This helps you keep your extra batteries safe in their package while you replace the one you need.

Improved Hearing
Protecting your remaining hearing is important, which is why you wear hearing aids and use methods to keep your ear canal clean. Your hearing aids don't work as well if your ear is clogged with wax, so using ear wax removal tips can help. With your choice of batteries and accessories, your hearing stays at its optimum level.

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