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Hex Keys

Owning a selection of hex keys makes it easy for you to complete important projects. Hex keys can be purchased individually for specific jobs, like putting together furniture, or in a set that you can keep in your tool arsenal for future projects. Allen Tools, Bondhus, Eklind Tool, and other brands offer a wide variety of hex keys that can help you complete any task.

Wide Selection Available
Hex keys are available in convenient sets that contain a range of key sizes, so you have the right equipment in your tool set to tackle any job. Choose the set size that complements the types of projects you usually undertake.

Heavy-Duty Construction
Long- and short-arm hex keys are made of alloy steel with a black-oxide finish. These tools will last for years. The strong construction ensures each key resists rotational distortion and rusting.

Portable Options
Fold-up hex key sets are attached to a case that enables you to pocket and transport a range of keys when you're on the go. This type of utility set lets you easily carry nine or more hex keys in a compact carrier.
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