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When you need to break up the dirt in a section of earth, hoes can make the job easier. With their long handles and solid blades, they give you enough leverage to turn up even the hardest soil. Choose from a selection of hoes made for gardening, landscaping, and small construction projects.

Steady Grip
Most hoes are made with round wooden handles, which allow you to get a steady grip. To reduce the likelihood of blisters, use a pair of leather palm gloves.

Powerful Turning
Our hoes are made with sturdy metal attachments connecting the blades to the handles, and this allows you to turn the soil with maximum force. Whether you're using a mortar and cotton hoe or a standard garden hoe, you can give all of your power to the process.

Sturdy Blades
We offer hoes with solid, sturdy blades that are easy to carry yet strong enough to handle difficult soil. Choose from a variety of blade lengths made of materials like steel and chrome-plated steel.
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