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Home Theater Speaker Systems

A home theater setup can become your own personal cinema with just a few gadgets, such as a remote control or lighting controls. A home theater system can help you add surround sound to your room, so you will feel immersed in the film. DVD and Blu-ray players can also be used to play all your favorite movies across the room through a television set up or a projector and screen.

If you want to set up a home theater system with your television, you'll be able to watch all your favorite movies with surround sound and more on the big screen. You can also use projectors, screens, and white walls to create larger images that you can enjoy.

Speakers for Volume and Immersion
Getting the volume up is a major part of feeling like you're participating in a film, and a channel speaker system can help. Many of these systems include four or more speakers, so you can spread them out around the room for bold surround sound.

Light Sensors
When you're ready for your movie, don't waste time by having to get up to switch off the lights. A light sensor kit can be used with a remote, so you can switch off or dim the lights from your seat.
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Voxx® RCA VH58R Push-On Matching Transformer
Item: IM1Y95672 / Model : VH58
  • Dimensions: 4 2/5"(H) x 2/3"(W) x 3 8/9"(D)
  • 1 x F connector
  • Corrosion resistant connector
ADD-ON ITEM: Ships with minimum order requirement

Ships with any qualifying order over $25.00.

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Voxx RCA Flat Multi Directional Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna For Digital Reception
Item: IM1Y96419 / Model : ANT800F
  • 360 deg reception pattern simplifies installation
  • Amplifies weak signals
  • High gain picks up further stations