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Home Theater Speaker Systems

All home theater systems have two components: video and audio. The audio systems include speakers and receivers, while TVs and media players make up the video components. A good home theater system makes listening to music and watching movies enjoyable by delivering room-filling sound and crystal-clear high-definition pictures. It is important to choose the right hardware to create and enjoy this theater-like experience at home.

Big Screens and Sharp Displays for Excellent Home Theater Systems
Choose an HDTV or projector video display. While an HDTV has only one display size, a projector can project images of varying sizes depending on the needs of the user. Unlike HDTVs, a projector is a portable device that users can move from room to room.

When shopping for HDTVs, choose one that is suitable for the room where it will sit. HDTVs with screen sizes ranging from 32 to 50 inches are big enough for average-size living rooms. However, bigger TVs provide greater visual impact and better viewing experiences, especially when you're watching movies and sports broadcasts. Resolution is another important factor to consider when shopping for home theater displays. HD or 720p resolution is best for small HDTVs. If you want a display of 40 inches or larger, choose an HDTV with at least 1080p resolution. For the best picture quality, get a 4K or Ultra HD TV.

Enjoy Immersive Audio from Surround Sound Home Theater Speakers
While 2.1 stereo speaker systems are common, many home theater speakers can function as part of 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound audio systems. The numbers represent how many audio channels are available in these sound systems. For example, a 5.1 surround system has five speakers and one subwoofer. These include a front speaker, two side speakers and two rear ones. To cut down on cord clutter, choose a wireless surround sound system. In this setup, the receiver streams audio signals to the speakers and woofer wirelessly.

What Is HTiB?
HTiB, or home theater in a box, is a complete home theater audio system that supplies speakers, a subwoofer and an AV receiver in a single package. This all-in-one system provides every audio component required to set up a surround sound system and even includes audio cables. It simplifies users' buying decisions, and some models come with DVD and Blu-ray players.

What Is a Sound Bar?
A sound bar is an all-in-one unit that houses multiple home theater speakers and simulates virtual surround sound. It is a long, slim unit that sits beneath a TV. High-end models may include separate wireless subwoofers to improve bass response. Usually, a sound bar sounds better than the speakers integrated into TVs. Its space-saving design is also ideal for small rooms and those who prefer not to place speakers all around their living rooms.

Can You Build Your Own Home Theater System?
Yes. There are many advantages to building your own home theater system. First, it allows mixing and matching different speakers from different brands. You can start with a basic home theater setup comprised of only a couple of speakers and then add subwoofers and more satellite speakers later on. Assembling a home theater system makes it possible to add custom audio products such as wall-mounted and in-ceiling speakers for true 3-D audio performance.
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