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Stock your home or office with hot chocolate to provide a flavorful alternative to coffee that appeals to adults just as much as it does to kids. This soothing hot beverage makes rainy days at the office more relaxing, and it's excellent for enjoying as part of an evening routine or at break time.

Hot Chocolate Comes in Many Varieties
There is a type of hot cocoa for every taste. In addition to traditional milk chocolate cocoa mixes, you can choose from white chocolate, dark chocolate and even double chocolate. Some cocoas have added flavoring for extra zing; these choices include, but are by no means limited to, mint, hazelnut, raspberry, amaretto and coconut. Some hot cocoa manufacturers work with companies such as Hershey's and Mars to create versions flavored with candy favorites.

If you prefer a nuanced flavor profile, opt for gourmet hot cocoa made by world-renowned chocolate makers such as Godiva and Ghirardelli. Organic varieties and those made in small batches with beans sourced from particular regions are good options for gifts and for stocking a conference room before hosting important clients.

If you're searching for hot chocolate mixes that are appropriate for those who may have dietary restrictions, consider a selection that includes low sugar and no sugar added options as well as cocoas with kosher certification. These cocoas also come in flavored varieties to please any palate.

Stock Up with K-Cups, Envelopes and More
For single-serving drinks, choose cocoa mixes that come in small envelopes. They are easy to store, stack and transport, and it takes only a few stirs to thoroughly mix them with hot water or milk. Hot cocoa is available in pods that are compatible with a range of popular coffeemakers; available varieties include K-Cups for Keurig machines, T-Discs for Tassimo devices and fresh packs for Flavia makers.

To create an upscale look in your kitchen or office break room, selection cocoa that comes in fancy tins. Hot cocoa on a stick is another single-serving option that looks luxurious and mixes easily with a cup of hot water or milk. For a more economical choice, purchase cocoa in large containers. Use a scoop to measure the right amount of cocoa mix for each serving.

Make Your Cocoa Extra Tasty
Keep other types of chocolate on hand, such as chocolate syrup or small discs of high-quality rich chocolate, to add to hot chocolate and make it extra rich and tasty. Other delectable treats to add to hot chocolate include marshmallows, cream and flavored creamer. Syrups with flavors such as caramel and vanilla are easy to add to any hot or cold drink, and they come in both regular and sugar-free versions. A tin of ground cocoa with a small scoop makes it easy to add extra sweetness to a cup of hot coffee.

When preparing the beverage area for a conference or meeting, remember necessities like plastic stirrers, and consider offering alternatives like candy canes. Disposable hot cups are another must, and they reduce cleanup time considerably.
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