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Rubbing Alcohol

Stock rubbing alcohol in your first-aid kit to disinfect minor cuts before bandaging. You can also use it to sterilize surfaces such as the break room table. Higher strengths of isopropyl alcohol safely clean laptop screens and lift tough stains.

Stock your home or office first-aid kit with isopropyl alcohol to prevent infection of minor cuts, bruises, and burns after accidents. The alcohol acts as an anti-septic, killing bacteria on contact. To apply, saturate sterile gauze and wipe the injury before bandaging. Rubbing alcohol also sterilizes the skin prior to an injection, making it a wise choice in offices with staff who need routine shots for conditions such as diabetes.

Easily Choose the Right Strength
Isopropyl alcohol is typically sold in diluted form, with strengths from 70 to 99 percent. The 70 percent formula, often labeled rubbing alcohol, is the optimal strength for minor first aid and sanitizing. Higher strengths are used when you need a fast-evaporating solvent and are often seen in factories to clean machine parts or thin paint. However, the potent formulas are highly flammable, so take care when storing and using them.

Effective Cleaning
Many households and businesses use rubbing alcohol for tough cleaning tasks, such as removing permanent marker stains, so it is smart to store a bottle with your cleaning chemicals. Because it evaporates quickly, rubbing alcohol is a safe, inexpensive choice for cleaning computer equipment, including laptop screens. Medical offices frequently use it to sterilize equipment such as stethoscopes, and you can follow suit by wiping down surfaces where germs collect, such as the break-room table or shared keyboards.

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