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ID Bands

Give patients ID bands to facilitate quick visual identification. Soft, strong bands are easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and difficult to lose. Number each band to link specific patients to their medical data, or use different-colored bands to assign patients to particular departments.

Accurate Identification
ID bands let you add identifying information and special instructions to the tag, ensuring that nurses, doctors, and hospital staff know which patient they are dealing with. A bar-coded label attached to an ID band lets you scan the patient's wrist and immediately pull up care information or medication instructions on a handheld computer or tablet. Colored ID bands let you match the bands of parents and pediatric patients.

Durable Construction
Durable vinyl ID bands stay securely in place and retain their shape even if they accidentally snag on something or get tugged on by a young patient. Tamper-resistant snaps prevent bands from unexpectedly opening, while water-resistant windows on the band keep written or printed information from smudging or smearing. Once snapped shut, ID bands cannot be opened again without cutting, so buying in bulk makes distributing bands to every patient in your facility economical and feasible.

Comfortable Fit
Soft and flexible ID bands fit comfortably around a patient's wrist without excess rubbing or irritation. Multiple snap holes make it easy to get a perfect fit on almost any size wrist, and the lightweight construction doesn't distract the patient or prevent normal wrist movement. Provide ID bands along with admission kits and hospital gowns upon check in at your medical facility to ensure that every patient has everything needed to begin a stay.

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