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File Storage

File storage boxes are important in any office or home setting, especially for the preservation of sensitive files and documents. Staples sells a variety of file storage boxes in an array of colors to meet the needs of any user. Each is made from varying materials like plastic boxes, aluminum, cardboard boxes and metal. These storage boxes supply a high level of security for important papers and protect their integrity.

Increased Organization
When it comes to file storage, Staples makes it easy to keep documents and other valuables neatly organized. Customers can choose from traditional cardboard boxes, plastic drawers, roller carts, and tote trays. Each file storage box comes with a lid created to offer easy access such as hinged, lift-off and secure fold and button models. Both small and large bankers boxes are available for purchase depending on your organizational needs.

Durable and Strong
These file storage boxes are designed to withstand the test of time. An extra-strength model holds 550 to 700 pounds, while the maximum-strength model holds upwards of 750 pounds. Staples also offers standard strength storage boxes that hold up to 500 pounds. These boxes are created from heavy-duty materials, including aluminum and metal.

Each file storage box is designed with multipurpose use in mind. Storage boxes are versatile and come in styles such as banker, bin, file, media and modular. Staples offers the cutting-edge bento storage model in a variety of styles used for preserving important materials. Other styles, like the banker box, help users keep track of valuables and sensitive documents.

File storage boxes protect valuables and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, styles and colors. Staples provides users with plenty of options for both file storage and heavy-duty organizational materials like business inventory, household items and more. Using boxes when moving the household or office is an economical option. Most plastic storage boxes feature durable stacking strength, ability to hold hanging file folders and expandable design.
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