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Use invitations to spread the word about your upcoming event. Whether you're hosting a private party or holding a big sale, high-quality invitations let everyone know when and where to show up. Choose from plain or pre-printed invitations from brands such as JAM Paper, Great Papers, and LUX.

Specific Designs
Cute invitations and envelopes with pre-printed designs make it simple to announce specific special events, such as birthdays and graduation parties. Choose from a wide range of colors and card stocks to make a perfect and lasting impression. For a celebratory touch, look for invitations with an attractive border or patterned paper. Invitations made of recycled paper let you keep your entire event eco-friendly. Or you can design your own custom birthday invitations and wedding invitations with Staples Copy & Print. 

Printable Envelopes
Printable envelopes and invitations let you easily add the details about your celebration using your home or office laser or inkjet printer. Square envelopes are specifically designed to accommodate invitation cards, and you can choose to print recipients' information directly on the envelope or write the name and address by hand. Pick peel-and-press envelopes to make sealing your prepared invitations easier, or go with a classic gum closure and add a decorative seal for extra flair.

Convenient Kit Options
Reduce stress when preparing invitations by choosing kits that include matching envelopes and seals. Invitation kits keep everything coordinated so you don't need to seek out all of the different necessary components separately. If extra envelopes or invitation cards are needed, you can find a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit everything from small RSVP cards to large photo invitations. Bulk packs with up to 1,000 envelopes or invitations let you easily invite many people at once.
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