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Business Forms

Keep your office well supplied with business forms for managing shipments, sales, and customer interactions. Templates make it easy to have the right paperwork ready, so clients aren't kept waiting. Buy general-purpose and industry-specific forms from brands such as Adams, TOPS, and Rediform.

Document Business Transactions
Keeping accurate records helps you retrieve information quickly when packaging orders, preparing taxes, and answering customers' questions. Carbonless paperwork is ideal for creating quick personal records for back-end transactions or business-to-business interactions. Use forms with carbon copies to produce customer and merchant receipts simultaneously.

Speed Up Paperwork
Preprinted forms outline the most essential elements of common business transactions, allowing you to quickly fill in information in clearly labeled sections. Stocking up on business forms saves time when filling out paperwork and conserves printing resources. Whether you're running credit checks or authorizing staff expenses, using ready-made forms eliminates the need to use valuable hard drive space to store template files. 

Keep Track of Assets and Finances
Preserving financial paperwork helps you ensure that every penny is accounted for. Review your invoices, mileage reports, and petty cash forms to find potential sources of waste, measure profit and loss, and improve business spending. Packing forms and bills of lading help you track the progress of shipments to prevent property loss during handling. 

Maintain a Reliable Backup
Unlike electronic records, paper business forms are difficult to alter and provide hard copies with handwritten signatures. When records have to be created on the spot or filled out by customers, template forms let you collect information efficiently and transfer it to an electronic form in the future.


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