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Journals & Diaries

Take time for reflection, planning, and writing down your thoughts and ideas with journals and diaries that give you an outlet for expressing yourself. Select an Eccolo, Ltd, journal to carry with you in your bag, or go for a Moleskine journal for keeping your thoughts organized.

Jot Down Ideas and Thoughts
With journals and/or diaries on hand, you can easily jot down ideas and thoughts as you have them and while they're fresh on your mind. Whether you're working on a big project and brainstorming for ideas at lunch or elsewhere, journaling is a good way to get your creative juices flowing and record ideas that come to you out of the blue so that you can act on them later.

Schedule Your Time
Journals and diaries are also ideal for use as day planners and appointment books to help you accurately schedule your time and make the most use of your availability. Note times for important meetings, take notes during a presentation, or pen a list for your department head—journals/diaries give you plenty of free space to write. Because journals are perfectly portable, you can tuck them in your briefcase or bag and take them with you wherever you go so that you're always ready to pen down your ideas—whether you're sitting in rush hour traffic during your commute or sitting on a plane during a layover on your next business trip.

Manage Your Day Efficiently
Use journals and diaries to efficiently manage your day. Keep a running list of appointment times, write down your thoughts for a proposal, or use a journal to express yourself through your writing.
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